Saturday, March 19, 2011

aSaigon/CreativeMorning III - Dinh Q. Lê

Reprinted from the blog, Studio Mads Monsen.

Brilliant. Inspired. Moving. It was simply a great presentation and the early birds of Saigon enjoyed it. “I’m lovin’ it” to quote McDonald's, however, it was a far better deal. Unwrap a burger and you get disappointed as it never lives up to the tasty, juicy advertising image that sells you the deal in the first place.

The Early Birds
Dinh unwrapped his thinking and reason behind his works. His research methods? Obsession he answered.

Multi-media with Dinh Q. Le
His work on Agent Orange was nothing but brilliant. His latest projects include exploring the visual language around us. If people with a voice can find a way around to get noticed, artists can too. He proved that with his Agent Orange shop example - a real shop in Vietnam that sold cute little outfits for agent orange babies, like double hooded jackets and sweaters with teddy bears and flowers on them. Cute, but scary in that the usage could be real.

That looks nice. A box?
Our lucky-draw prize. From TIKI.VN. Guess what?

Portrait - Dinh Q. Le
Overall, a great start of the day, all thanks to the humble and yet so talented Dinh Q.Le

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