Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Young Vietnam Photo Blog

This week we're happy to present a photo blog in Vietnam with the AIS Saigon Photography blog. AIS is the American International School and, says the blog, "AIS Saigon Photography is a group of students who go out and take photographs of different subjects each week. Photographs you see here are the top selected pieces from our Tuesday wandering outside".  This blog and these shots are young and idealistic - but that's just like the country as a whole and a very good sign. One somewhat disturbing comment on the blog was that, "We don't seem to have Photography Course this term but I want to keep adding more each week." The lack of available courses for all manner of creative studies remains a problem in Vietnam as well as the students inability to choose 'elective' study as opposed to prescribed courses that everyone must attend. Hopefully aSaigon/CreativeMorning and those who participate in our sessions can help raise awareness of the positive importance of the creative arts to all businesses. As Adrian Jones stated at the close of his session last week, "Encouraging creativity is good for business".

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  1. I was the photographer of this picture. It's been long since I have uploaded any on the website but your comment and post has really touch me. Thank you so much for letting me know someone out there really do see our works!