Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saigon/CreativeMornings first event: Friday, January 14th, 8:30am, 2011

Mark your calendars. We're not going to tell you who the first speaker is, because that's a fairly large surprise but we can tell you that we remain committed to bringing world-class creative talent in to illuminate the creative process and have accomplished that in spades. The event will work like this: On December 31st, New Years Eve, we'll announce our speaker on this and other blogs and news outlets. We'll also include an online registration form. Registration opens January 1. You must register online to get on the list and the list will be limited to 30 people. First come, first serve. If you don't make that, we will keep a waiting list, but no guarantees, so early birds will get the worms, along with coffee and whatever we can dig up from mom's kitchen. The event will be roughly two weeks after registration begins and do expect the list to fill up quickly. On the day of the event, doors will open at 8:30am and our guest will begin promptly at 9. No one will be admitted after 9 so do plan on getting an early start that day. There will be a 30 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A so we're all wrapped up by 10 and everyone can get off to work. Saigon/CreativeMornings are completely free to all attendees with generous help from our organizers and sponsors. Keep your eye on this blog and we hope to see you all on the 14th of January in a brand new year. Happy Holidays.

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